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Lore of Arnthak - 002

'One day', Lacuna muttered to herself, 'this path will claim a life'.

Regularly, she made the treacherous climb from Mydnyddham to the precarious ledge upon which the drippers grew thick. Each pass elicited the same thoughts from her as she wended her way from foothold to foothold. The ladder had rotted to the point of uselessness, and she was forced to take an alternate path.


Lore of Arnthak - 001

On the process of colouration of clothing

It was written in Dyes and their Applications by Forsythe Sickle that:
An odd concoction, universal dye was originally brewed by Cielkundl-Ost in 65ARR. Cielkundl was first to notice the odd properties of dripper juice and its ability to change colour to match common items - allowing for easier dying of fabrics. By 69ARR, all Arnthakian cloth was coloured using universal dye and has been since.

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