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Feedback Friday - 047 - Arnthak

Feedback Friday, 047

Note: The 47 refers to the 47th Feedback Friday thread over on r/gamedev

Here's the reddit post:
Here's a copy of the post:
We have here, a zip from Dropbox
For this week, gamepad support has now been rectified and opened up to XBox360 controllers. I don't find it to be great due to the narrow angle it defines for 'Up', but this might have to be revisited.
Otherwise, the game is mostly the same, but for a few tweaks here and there - next week will bring a proper update including the new palette switching code that I implemented last night.

Note for the tutorial

When it tells you to kill yourself, you should do so on a spike in the caves. You can no longer fall off the map (I think).

Big Hints

  • Thornate's bookshelves have some essential scrolls!
  • There are a set of shears in the tutorial, but there's also a set in Mydnyddham (the first village).
  • Purple berries will restore health in a pinch...

Default controls

Default Controls are shown when you start a new game, but here they are just in case:

  • w - Climb Up/Investigate/Menu Up
  • s - Climb Down/Enter doorway/Menu Down
  • a - Go Left/Inventory Left when it is open
  • d - Go Right/Inventory Right when it is open
  • o - Jump/Menu Select
  • p - Use item in inventory
  • [ - Previous item in inventory
  • ] - Next item in inventory
  • i - Open/Close inventory
  • ESC - Open game menu
  • u - Mute sound!

Note: Some of these are reconfigurable! If you accidentally bone them up, just grab keys.cfg from the zip file!
Note! If you enable the gamepad, you will need to press UP on it when you start a game if you decide to also use the keyboard (this is a slick thing, I have an idea to get around it but it's not included just yet)

Other stuff

If you tested for me and left some notes/comments, you should be in the credits. Hit me up if I have wrong details.

Here's some links: