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Forging Arnthak 081

World Building

I've managed to pick up some temporary work. This is good, because, well... money. This is bad, because, less dev time. I spent the last little while cleaning up the To-Do list, because while it gave me a sense of accomplishment to have all the older items checked off on it, it also made it hard to see how much was left. The short answer: lots. This is still a good thing, we've got a while to go, but there's a lot of depth there.


Not too much to speak about here, I've been reading about a few Norse entities that may inspire some Arnthakian entities. For now no changes.


One of the NPCs now shifts to another location when her quest is completed (Lacuna-Tiw) - I plan for her to also travel to the tavern if you name it one particular option but for now this is not implemented. There was a small 'what the hell?' moment when I found out earlier this weekend that a particular data type was not being retained when a game was loaded (the code to save it was there, the code to load it was not). This crystalised in the form of a comment:
//TODO: Make some code to load in this stuff
I have no idea what else I was doing at the time to make this low priority, but it's now implemented. I really do need to scan through for more of those time bombs.

Map Work

Some areas have been revised to make them easier, and I have also (finally) decided to wall off the tutorial island. This comes about because people continue to fall off it and complain about it. I had planned to have a Gemflock bird knock the player back on there, but never got around to it - and this is an easier method for now.


The Atlas remains here, it was updated a while ago:

Screen Shots

Here's a map of tutorial island to show the new wall-in:

Current NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2013-09-07

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2013-09-07