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Forging Arnthak 080

World Building

It's been a while since I did the last Forging Arnthak, and there's been quite a few things happening in that time. I've moved all the Arnthak stuff to this site, added more mapdata and refined the early game quite, quite a lot. I've also added sound to the game while fixing up a few other things.


I've put a few things on the whiteboard, but haven't yet settled down to do any proper work. Hopefully this will come about soon.


I've added sound to the game, which helps to give it a higher sense of immersion (even though it's just temporary sound effects made with SFXR). Further, things like having a banner to announce the player's location on change of map chunk & death, the use of a button on the gamepad for inventory & making the player stop when they land on a surface from above a certain height. This last point should help prevent players from falling off narrow ledges, which has improved the jumping portion. Another aspect that has been added is the use of randomised portals. The player can now insert a banded red crystal into the portal to be taken to one of a distinct set of random portals. These portals may only be accessed randomly, and will help promote a feeling of vastness.

Map Work

Quite a bit of work has been done in this way - more out of scope additional islands have been added, as well as heavy refinements to the path between Mydnyddham & the tower. This has helped to ease new players into the game a lot more. There are more shrines and I have (for the most part) done away with platforms that are very short (20px long).


The Atlas remains here, it was updated a while ago:

I'll be updating it in the next week or so, plus perhaps showing the wider cosmos as well so you can see where the new content is.

Screen Shots

Here's the new items for this week!
New Items for Arnthak, 2013-09-07

Here's a shot of some of the location announcement (it toggles to the bottom of the screen if you are close to the top):

Arriving at one of the randomised locations:

Death announcement:

Here's a character info screen I'm toying around with - it probably won't stay in though

Current NPCs!

NPCs for Arnthak, 2013-09-07

Current list of Items!

Item for Arnthak, 2013-09-07