Lore of Arnthak - 002

'One day', Lacuna muttered to herself, 'this path will claim a life'.

Regularly, she made the treacherous climb from Mydnyddham to the precarious ledge upon which the drippers grew thick. Each pass elicited the same thoughts from her as she wended her way from foothold to foothold. The ladder had rotted to the point of uselessness, and she was forced to take an alternate path.


Forging Arnthak 083

World Building

Lore of Arnthak - 001

On the process of colouration of clothing

It was written in Dyes and their Applications by Forsythe Sickle that:
An odd concoction, universal dye was originally brewed by Cielkundl-Ost in 65ARR. Cielkundl was first to notice the odd properties of dripper juice and its ability to change colour to match common items - allowing for easier dying of fabrics. By 69ARR, all Arnthakian cloth was coloured using universal dye and has been since.


Feedback Friday - 047 - Arnthak

Feedback Friday, 047

Note: The 47 refers to the 47th Feedback Friday thread over on r/gamedev

Here's the reddit post:
Here's a copy of the post:
We have here, a zip from Dropbox

Forging Arnthak 082

World Building

The last few days have brought quite a few good things to Arnthak - namely in the form of updates that have been queued for a while, which is helping me overcome inertia and get back into it.


Just a bit of reading here and there, nothing new.

Forging Arnthak 081

World Building

I've managed to pick up some temporary work. This is good, because, well... money. This is bad, because, less dev time. I spent the last little while cleaning up the To-Do list, because while it gave me a sense of accomplishment to have all the older items checked off on it, it also made it hard to see how much was left. The short answer: lots. This is still a good thing, we've got a while to go, but there's a lot of depth there.

Forging Arnthak 080

World Building

It's been a while since I did the last Forging Arnthak, and there's been quite a few things happening in that time. I've moved all the Arnthak stuff to this site, added more mapdata and refined the early game quite, quite a lot. I've also added sound to the game while fixing up a few other things.


I've put a few things on the whiteboard, but haven't yet settled down to do any proper work. Hopefully this will come about soon.

We're now on IndieDB

Reaching out a little

Arnthak is now up on Indiedb.com. I've been noticing the traffic that it generates, and it seems to have a solid community behind it. I'm not inherently a fan of mirroring content elsewhere (I'd rather retain total control) so I'm not entirely sure how that will float. Maybe there will be a weekly update over there that links back down here.

Inauguration of the Revamped Site

... which, is really, the first site anyway

I've been neglecting this site for quite some time - though I've held the domain for Arnthak.com for quite some time, I've not actually done anything with it (and all Arnthak relevant stuff has been over on noblekale.com). This will be changing - as I branch out into less Arnthak-based stuff, I'll be sorting the content for noblekale.com into here if it's indeed appropriate.

In a way, this is entirely overdue, and that's definitely my fault. Regardless, here we go.

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